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A Tennessee MLS Agent

Sellers and buyers are typically on separate sides of the fence during the selling of a home. What one party wants to happen is usually the opposite of what the other party is trying to achieve. The seller wants the best dollar value for the property while the buyer wants to try and steal the deal. However, they do have one thing in common. They both would like to see a successful sale. This is the primary reason why both sides will benefit when using a Tennessee MLS agent.

Some homeowners feel that the real estate agent fee is a waste of money. They believe that they personally can get top dollar for their home without a Tennessee MLS real estate agent. However, an interesting study showed that people who sold their property on their own received approximately 30% less than homeowners who used experienced and qualified real estate agents to list their property. Therefore, the wise thing to do for both sellers and buyers is to take advantage of the agent’s knowledge about the local market.

Tennessee MLS

Another key reason to use a real estate agent, whether you are the buyer or the seller, is their expertise. Do you think that the typical real estate buyer or seller truly understands the dozens of documents required? A purchase agreement on its own can be more than 10 pages. In addition, there are other document requirements from local, state, and federal authorities.

A trained real estate agent understands these documents because he/she deals with them on a daily basis. The commission that the agent charges is irrelevant if an omission or mistake is made on any of the legal documents. For example, a buyer needs to secure a mortgage for the deal to be concluded. If the buyer does not have an escape clause to handle any financial difficulties, then the seller could end up suing the buyer for not fulfilling his obligation.