Indie Movies On A Smaller Budget

Low Budget Indie Movies And What Makes Them Special

When you hear something is a low budget, you normally don’t assume it is of high quality. however, many times, it is not the case, especially for movies. We saw how they can be so good, and reach international fame, so here are some that you should watch.

Some of these films are Indie Movies On A Smaller Budget with specific aesthetics you will love. One of the most famous ones we think you have heard of is The Blair Witch Project. The point is not the amazing cinematographic skill, rather the way in which the movie was made. It showed us the experiences from the point of view of the main character and his camera, which is a pretty good strategy for a horror movie, and it is no wonder it became so popular. Another great example of a low-budget film is another horror movie called Paranormal Activity.

Indie Movies On A Smaller Budget

The director used his own home for making the movie, and it earned him a lot more money than he had initially invested. It is a story about a couple who starts experiencing strange occurrences in their home, and we can see how it all develops through the whole movie. Some other examples of Indie Movies On A Smaller Budget are Clerks, Monsters, Tangerine, El Mariachi, and Primer.

In these movies, more attention is brought to details, the story is almost always simple, yet engaging, which is practically the strong suit of these types of movies. Yet, nonetheless, they are truly good, and interesting to watch, and we are sure you will love the ones from this list, and give some more of them a try.