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The Case for Natural Burial

When most people think of funerals, they imagine a somber ceremony in a stuffy funeral home. However, there is another option: natural burial. This is an increasingly popular choice that involves burying the deceased in a biodegradable casket or shroud and allowing them to decompose naturally. Here we will discuss the case for natural burial and why more and more people are choosing this option over traditional funerals.

Natural burial has many benefits. For one, it is much more eco-friendly than traditional funerals. Embalming a body for a funeral can take over 10 gallons of toxic chemicals, while natural burial requires none at all. Additionally, the biodegradable caskets used in these burials decompose quickly, with some taking as little as three years to fully break down. This helps to preserve the environment and reduces waste.

Natural Burial

Furthermore, natural burials are often more affordable than traditional funerals. The cost of a casket or shroud is generally significantly lower than that of an embalmed body and can be further reduced by opting for a simple service or no service at all. At the same time, these services take less time, meaning that family members and friends can honor the deceased’s memory without having to commit a long period of time.

Natural burial also allows families to be more involved in honoring their loved one. This may include creating a personal memorial or selecting a special place for the burial site. These intimate touches create an environment that encourages reflection and celebration of life in a way that traditional funerals cannot provide.

Finally, natural burials provide comfort and peace to both the bereaved and the deceased. The process is simple, gentle, and respectful of nature’s cycles; it helps those who are grieving to find solace in knowing their loved ones will be returned to the earth with grace.